Because, it’s that important-Part Two.

  I thought “leap day” would be a good day to further expound on my thoughts regarding our current state of affairs in this country that we all (hopefully) love and want our children and grandchildren to love, live, and prosper in. In my opinion, some of this requires a bit of a “leap” of […]

Hope Springs Eternal…or, it’s Spring Training!!!!

Yes, it is the time of year we here in New England glory in this rites of Spring. Our beloved Red Sox are once again on the field of play, albeit in Florida, for the annual kick off to Spring, and another season of high hopes. We have reason to be optimistic in spite of […]

Because, it’s that important.

Alrighty then. I am going to break two.. of my cardinal rules. I am going to pontificate on the two worst subjects to discuss with a group of people. Yes, religion and politics…let’s throw in another salty one, the state of our country. Here goes. I believe we, as a people, are at a […]

Finding a Cure……….

  Yes, ’tis the season for the dreaded winter blues. Lack of warmth and short days deprive many of us of an otherwise active and cheerful existence. Perhaps this is why I haven’t posted an update to this blog in over a month. I like to believe that my posts are uplifting, witty, humorous, and […]

Fox-A Christmas Story

I originally wrote this story as a 6th grade English lit project— my first attempt at being a “writer”, way back when-circa 1967. This version is a rewrite of that story I wrote last year, for my book of short stories. Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it, Happy Holidays to all others.   […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wrote this a year ago, and posted it. I thought it was worth a revisit. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thanksgiving 2014 When I was a kid growing up, my family seemed large. Besides my grandparents, there were five of their children, including my Dad, and their spouses, as well as oodles of cousins. While […]

November Reflections of a Former Farmboy

November has a way of making me pine for the days back on the family farms of my childhood. This time of year seems bleak to me these days, on several levels. Summer, that most glorious of seasons, is over, and now autumn is in its death throes. Here in Maine, we all know what […]

Random Musings and Shameless Plugs….

So, we’ve survived another diabetes-inducing Halloween. I had 17 little spooks show up at my door, and once I determined that it was too late to get any more trick-or-treaters, I immediately dumped the rest of the candy in a ziplock and “donated” it to my neighbor. She seemed happy to take it off my […]

Bad Blood

I know it’s been a while since I lasted posted to this blog. It’s been a very busy beginning of fall for me with family commitments, work commitments, and I’ve spend any free time taking in the glorious fall weather with hikes around Bangor and some of the fantastic wilderness of Maine north of Brownville […]

Saturday Night Baked Beans

      It is a long standing tradition in Maine to have home-baked beans for supper on Saturday nights. This was certainly true in our family. In fact there was somewhat of a silent, but constant, competition between my grandmother, my mother, my aunt, and the wives of my uncles as to who baked […]